AR12 Touque

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Product Details:

  • AR12 (blue) logo is stitched onto this black / grey high quality touque (hat).
  • Designed & decorated in Canada.
  • One size fits all.

 Definition of 'touque':

  • Very Canadian and a must have for all fans of AR12Gaming.
  • Canadian versions of the touque are best identified by the "pom-pom" attached to the top of the touque.
  • OK eh! Like it was so cold that we had to wear touques eh!

We've only got a very limited quantity of these guys and they're only around for Christmas time so pick them up now before they're all gone! 


Shipping times from Canada via Canada Post (light packet air mail):

Canada: 2-5 days

USA: 5-7 days

International: 7-14 days